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Benefits of Career Coaching Everyone Needs to Know

Benefits of Career Coaching Everyone Needs to Know

Just like we hire a personal trainer to shed extra pounds or get in shape, hiring a career coach can help us a lot in our careers. Most of the time, career coaching is misunderstood as an unnecessary expenditure. But in reality, successful business owners and executives are blessed by their services. According to industry […]

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Resignation Letter How To

Resignation Letter How To

Every once in a while, a person decides to make a career move and chooses to resign from their current position. One essential question that crosses every leaving employee is how to quit a job? While there are many legalities involved when one decides to leave a position, the most crucial element however at the […]

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What to Expect When You Start Working as an Aged Care Worker

What to Expect When You Start Working as an Aged Care Worker

What is an aged care worker? The aged care field refers to providing support to elderly people to help them manage their daily routine and personal tasks. The aged care workers work from their clients’ residences or in-home facilities where they look after their food, tidying and cleaning, and mobility concerns. Typically, the aged care […]

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TAFE Courses Online Australia

CareerProgress.com.au is an education marketplace for online TAFE courses and RTO courses. Technical and Further Education (TAFE) courses Australia offers a wide range of career-focused courses to augment learners’ profiles. With some prolific courses covering a broad array of industries, TAFE courses serve as an excellent pathway to great future opportunities across Australia and abroad. A vast number of these courses are online that a learner can complete at their own pace. These TAFE courses offer great flexibility and ease to learners. Be it a Diploma, Certificate course, or a short course, CareerProgress.com.au will provide you with a vast selection of comprehensive online courses so you can choose the one that fits best with your career profile.  

Why TAFE (or RTO) courses? 

Accessible and flexible, TAFE is Australia’s largest provider of vocational and educational training. TAFE online courses are an excellent choice for you if you want to upgrade your knowledge and skills in your preferred field and kick start your profession in that industry All TAFE institutes are subject to Australian government monitoring to ensure high standards. Therefore, the learners undertaking TAFE courses can seek vast employment opportunities across Australia. The qualification achieved after the TAFE courses are also well recognized by other countries if you wish to move and pursue your profession abroad.  

Levels of TAFE courses 

When you undertake a TAFE course, you get the opportunity to opt for the following courses and diplomas to enhance your skills.
  • Certificate I
This certificate offers courses that help learners to build basic level skills needed for entry into the workforce. This certificate doesn’t have any prerequisites and serves as a good option for learners who want to venture into a new field by gaining basic information.  
  • Certificate II
The courses offered in Certificate II are industry-centric suitable for entry-level positions and internships. This course shows your potential employer that you are interested in their respective industry by providing the necessary skills and knowledge.  
  • Certificate III
With the courses offered in Certificate III, you can get an advanced level of skills that refine your problem-solving and analytical abilities necessary for career advancements. It has a great variety of courses for individuals planning to make a career move or leaping out of entry-level roles.  
  • Certificate IV
Courses designed for Certificate IV are specifically suitable for management or supervisory positions. For individuals who have a good grasp of a particular industry, they can undertake these courses to gain theoretical knowledge and skills to further boost their understanding acquired at earlier stages.  
  • Diploma
Diploma courses are suitable for individuals who opt for careers that require a wide range of technical skills that are complex in nature and necessitates in-depth knowledge.  
  • Advanced Diploma
Advanced diploma generally takes two to three years for completion. This diploma gives the knowledge and confidence that learners need to hit the ground running, and to evolve their skills for the next level.  

TAFE and RTOs – Know the Difference 

The most prominent differentiating factor between TAFE and RTO (Registered Training Organizations) is that TAFE is a government-owned college system while RTO is mainly private colleges that provide training services in Vocational Education Training (VET) that is nationally recognized. Regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority, RTO’s are precisely independent entities. For those learners who are not eligible to enroll in universities after high school, RTO offers vocational training and courses to open pathways for university education. On the other hand, TAFE offers varied levels of education ranging from short courses to diplomas that make you eligible for bachelor or associate degrees and Diplomas. Some courses in TAFE require you to complete previous courses as a prerequisite before moving to an advanced level.  

Free TAFE courses

Free TAFE courses provide an exceptional opportunity to jumpstart your career in the field of your choice. Whilst most courses on CareerProgress.com.au are not free, we do try to make an effort to list free courses when possible.   So, if you are ready to venture into a new industry, make a career move or advance your skills in your current industry, one of the TAFE courses is just right for you. Explore your options today.