Child Carer workers assist with the needs of children and keep an eye on them in various settings, including child care centres and residential homes.


Do you need a qualification to work as a Child Care Worker?

To become a child carer, a person should hold a formal qualification. People generally opt for these courses with the help of traineeship. Online child care courses are listed on CareerProgress.com.au.


What does a Child Care Worker do?

When it comes to child care, professionals perform various duties. They take care of the basic needs of children, such as feeding and bathing. Also, keep them entertained through games and reading. Besides, they also take care of the regimen of children.


How much is a Child Care Worker salary?

People in this occupation get an average of weekly payments of $953. Since the birth rate is increasing rapidly, the future growth of this profession is very strong. This profession has been chosen by 95% of females.



Due to high flexibility, child carers work across many regions in Australia. The number of people working as child carers is quite high.


Thinking about studying or training to become a Child Care Worker?

Please find some Child Care courses listed on our website:

Diploma Of Early Childhood Education And Care CHC50113 By Open Colleges

Certificate III In Early Childhood Education And Care CHC30113 By Open Colleges


What skills do you need as a Child Care Worker?

The child care profession requires a strong skill of understanding the needs of the customers and providing them utmost satisfaction. Besides, knowledge of human behaviour and psychology helps in providing good quality service.



*References made as per joboutlook.gov.au on the 22nd of April 2020.