11 Best Aged Care Courses TAFE (Read This First!)

11 Best Aged Care Courses TAFE (Read This First!)

Looking to make a difference in the lives of elderly individuals? Want to pursue a fulfilling career in aged care? Then you’re in the right place! 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best programs that can position you for success in the aged care sector, including Certificate III in Individual Support (Aging), Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability), and Diploma of Community Services.

This knowledge is essential if you want to start a fulfilling career in aged care or if you already work in the industry and want to enhance your qualifications. 

So, let’s dive in and explore the best aged-care training courses 

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The number of younger Australians will be decreasing, and by 2050, about one-quarter of all Australians will be 65 years of age or older. In fact, by roughly 2025, the population of those 65 and older will actually surpass that of those 0 to 14 years old.

Because of this growing demand, the aged care sector in Australia is expanding. Moreover, it is an industry that is worth pursuing as a career.

The right Aged Care Course selection is a crucial first step in developing a lucrative and successful career in the field, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

1. Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)

This course is your gateway to a rewarding journey of compassion and care. 

You will acquire the abilities and information necessary for long-term success in the elderly care sector with the help of this nationally recognized certificate, which is provided in collaboration with Integrated Care & Management Training Pty Ltd.

The Certificate III In Individual Support (Ageing) course guarantees you a thorough awareness of the complexity of elderly care. You’ll gain the skills necessary to significantly impact the lives of the elderly, from providing assistance to promoting their well-being.

But it does not end there! 

The course includes a required work placement of at least 160 hours in order to make sure you are adequately equipped for the demands of the real world. 

Your abilities will be honed, and your confidence will increase as a result of this practical experience in delivering excellent care to elderly people.

2. Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)

Certificate III In Individual Support (Disability) is your key to unlocking a world of empathy, support, and empowerment. With the help of Integrated Care & Management Training Pty Ltd., you can get this nationally recognized certificate while gaining the skills and information you need to succeed in the disability industry.

Prepare to dive into an in-depth curriculum that addresses a variety of topics, such as assisting individuals with disabilities in achieving their goals and fulfilling their emotional needs. 

With hands-on training and expert guidance, you’ll develop the competence and confidence required to provide exceptional care and support to individuals with disabilities.

The course includes a required work placement of at least 160 hours to make sure you are completely prepared for the challenges ahead. 

You will be prepared for a rewarding future as an accommodation support worker, aged care worker, or disability support worker thanks to this priceless hands-on training.

3. Diploma of Community Services

With the help of the Diploma of Community Services course, a nationally recognized course developed in association with Integrated Care & Management Training Pty Ltd., you will be able to offer complete support and assistance to individuals in need in the community services industry.

As you learn to evaluate clients, determine their needs, and connect them with the proper services and resources, you’ll enter a world of compassion and guidance. 

You’ll improve your skills as a Case Worker or Case Manager, improving the lives of people and communities as you create tailored plans, track progress, and overcome challenges.

The diploma also gives you the knowledge and skills to understand frameworks, rules, and processes in the area of legal and ethical compliance. 

You’ll develop the self-assurance needed to manage spending plans and budgets, oversee other Community Service Workers, and even take on project work.

It’s crucial to remember that the CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services has a minimum 160-hour work placement requirement. This priceless opportunity gives you the chance to put your knowledge to use in actual situations, developing your talents and getting real-world experience.

4. Certificate III in Individual Support (Home And Community)

This Certificate offered by Open Colleges is a fantastic opportunity to explore various care career opportunities. You’ll advance from a novice to a skilled support worker in just a year, with the core abilities and information required to improve the lives of clients.

Through our extensive curriculum, learn the fundamentals of giving clients care both at home and in the community. You will receive priceless practical experience with a structured work placement component, improving your abilities and boosting your confidence.

You will graduate with a nationally recognized CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community) from Open Colleges, which will allow you to apply for a variety of care roles. 

This certification will be your ticket to a rewarding profession, regardless of whether you want to work as a home care assistant, personal care worker, residential care worker, family support worker, personal caregiver, community care worker, or nursing support assistant.

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Other alternatives

Here are a few alternative courses that may catch your interest:

5. Certificate IV in Ageing Support (VIC Only)

Certificate IV in Ageing Support (CHC43015) highlights the role of support personnel who carry out specialized duties in aged services, whether they are provided in a residential, at-home, or community setting. 

Employees will accept accountability for their own outputs within clearly defined organizational norms and uphold the delivery of high-quality services through the creation, facilitation, and evaluation of individualized service planning and delivery.

6. Advanced Certificate in Aged Care and Community Support

In this course, you will gain all the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed as a caregiver, whether you work at home, in the community, or in a licensed home care facility. 

You’ll learn essential hard skills like safety procedures and legal knowledge in addition to critical soft skills like supporting people with medical diagnoses and having effective communication with seniors.

7. Certificate IV in Ageing Support (QLD Only)

With a Certificate IV in Ageing Support, you can advance your career in the Care sector, where there will likely be more than 200,000 employment openings in the coming years. 

Once you have this Certificate under your belt, you will be able to carry out specialized tasks and duties in aged services, whether in residential, home, or community-based situations.

Learn useful skills to help older people become more empowered, support those who are suffering from dementia, provide care utilizing a palliative approach, and much more. 

8. Certificate IV in Leisure and Health

Students who need the ability to plan and carry out leisure activities and health programs would greatly benefit from earning a Certificate IV in Leisure and Health (CHC43415). 

You can gain specialized knowledge for working with older clients at home, in community care, or in Australian aged care facilities.

The official Community Services Training Package includes the nationally recognized training credential known as Certificate IV in Leisure and Health (CHC43415).

You also have the option to undertake this course through Private Registered Training Organisations. Explore our Certificate IV in Leisure and Health program.  

9. Dual Qualification Certificate IV in Ageing Support & Certificate IV in Leisure and Health (VIC Only)

There is a huge need for personnel in all areas of the elderly care industry, including leisure and health, as well as personal care attendants. A dual qualification in leisure and health and ageing support meets this expanding industry need. 

The following qualifications are part of this program:

  • Certificate IV in Leisure and Health (CHC43415)
  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support (CHC43015)

According to industry research, people who are capable of performing both positions are highly sought-after for three main reasons. 

First, having a dual-skilled employee gives aged care providers more flexibility with rostering and filling in for absences within the company. 

Second, performing two roles at the same time would help to keep workers interested, as it may be difficult to retain caregivers. 

The third and most exciting possibility is to improve caregivers’ quality of care through leisure and health skills, focusing on well-being and good aging.

10. Certificate IV in Ageing Support (Melb Only)

Certificate IV in Ageing Support is designed for people who are already working in the aged care industry and are looking to advance their careers or increase their professional skills in a booming industry.

A nationally recognized credential, the Certificate IV in Ageing Support teaches students how to maintain and offer personal care and assistance to clients in an aged care residential facility. 

Effective support delivery, communication, behavior management, sector information needs, safety protocols, and cultural sensitivity are all part of this.

This certification is open to students who are currently employed, giving them the opportunity to advance their education and career while keeping a job in the industry.

11. Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) (SE Melb Only)

A career in aged care may be right for you if you’re seeking a demanding, interesting job that allows you to impact others’ lives positively. You will learn how to give older people high-quality care during the course. 

After completing the course, you will be qualified to work in a range of settings, including residential aged-care facilities.

You also have the option of enrolling in Private Registered Training Organizations to continue with this course. Check out our Certificate III In Individual Support (Ageing).  

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Takeaway: Choose the best aged care course for your future

You have the potential to create a fulfilling career in this important industry with the variety of aged care courses available to you.

Regardless of whether you choose Certificate III in Individual Support (Aging), the Diploma of Community Services, or other courses, each certificate gives you the ability to have a significant influence.

Your journey doesn’t end after you finish a course; it’s a lifetime commitment to development, growth, and impact. Follow your passion and enter the aged care industry to start a rewarding career that really matters. 

The future of aged care awaits you, so start your transformative journey today!

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