Photographers are professionals who capture pictures with a digital or film camera in various settings.


Do you need a qualification to work as a Photographer?

The photography profession requires extensive photographic skills. Though there is no formal qualification to become a photographer, many people choose some form of study.


What does a Photographer do?

A photographer specializes in taking pictures in a variety of events. From measuring light levels, adjusting camera angles, to consulting with clients, a photographer performs various tasks to serve the requirements of the clients.


How much is a Photographer’s salary?

People involved in the photography profession earn different salaries depending on their sectors, such as wedding photography, food photography, fashion photography, real estate photography, travel photography, and so on. The job has a moderate growth rate, with over 48% of photographers working full-time.


The number of people involved in this profession is average. Due to the high flexibility, photographers can be found working in any reign of Australia. The average age of people in this occupation is 38 years, and 49% is female.


Thinking about studying or training to become a Photographer?

Please find a list of Photography courses on our website:

Certificate IV In Photography And Photo Imaging CUA41115 By Open Colleges

Diploma Of Photography And Photo Imaging CUA50915 By The Photography Institute

Certificate Course In Professional Photography By The Photography Institute


What skills do you need as a Photographer?

Since photographers have to deal with clients on a regular basis, they ought to have strong interpersonal skills. They must hold good command over the English language and should know to connect in a friendly and confident manner. Selling, customer service, and fine arts are some other skills that a photographer needs to stand out from others.



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