Interior Decorators help clients design and decorate the inside of a property by advising and planning requirements. Includes advising on colour, lighting, artwork, furniture, and more.


Do you need a qualification to work as an Interior Decorator?

A qualification is not necessary to work as an Interior Decorator. However, Interior decorating courses may be useful.


What does an Interior Decorator do?

Communicates interior design requirements and possibilities and helps execute these. Work could be both residential and commercial.


How much is an Interior Decorator salary?

According to joboutlook.gov.au an Interior Decorator can earn around $1,146 a week. The profession is experiencing very strong future growth with 46% people  working full time. 91% are female.



Interior Decorator is considered a very small job, however, it is experiencing strong growth. A lot of interior decorator work is in Melbourne and Sydney.


Thinking about studying or training to become an Interior Decorator?

Please find online courses suitable for those who are interested in becoming an Interior Decorator:

Diploma Of Interior Design MSF50218 By Open Colleges

Diploma Of Interior Design MSF50218 By Interior Design Institute

Certificate Course Of Interior Design By Interior Design Institute

Certificate IV In Interior Decoration MSF40118 By Open Colleges


What skills do you need as an Interior Decorator?

Technical Design, Customer Service and Communication are the main skills required for an Interior Decorator.



*References made as per joboutlook.gov.au on the 22nd of April 2020.