Travel Consultants organize people’s trips in the most economical and comfortable manner. From accommodation to travel bookings, they take care of everything to put their clients’ minds at ease.


Do you need a qualification to work as a Travel Consultant?

Thought a person does not need any formal qualification to work as a Travel Consultant, pursuing a course in Travel or Tourism to gain some insightful information can be useful.


What does a Travel Consultant do?

A travel consultant plays a fundamental role in the complete process of travel. They suggest suitable travel options by keeping clients’ needs for travel and accommodation in their minds.


How much is a Travel Consultant salary?

According to joboutlook.gov.au, a travel consultant ears up to $1318 per week. The growth rate of this job is moderate, with 73% of employees working full time. The average age in this occupation is 36 years, and 80% are female.



This occupation has been opted by a medium size of people. Due to high flexibility, travel consultants work all over Australia.


Thinking about studying or training to become a Travel Consultant?

Please find Travel and Tourism courses below:

Certificate III In Tourism SIT30116 By Australian College

Certificate III In Travel SIT30216 By Australian College

Certificate III In Travel SIT30216 By Open Colleges

Certificate II In Tourism SIT20116 By Australian College


What skills do you need as a Travel Consultant?

Since travel consultants interact with people regularly, it is essential to have strong people skills along with proficiency in English. Furthermore, they ought to stay armed with the latest tourism trends. Those who carry personal travel experiences can choose this occupation and guide people with prominent travel services.



*References made as per joboutlook.gov.au on the 22nd of April 2020.