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Help People Feel Better with Online Counselling Courses
Counselling could be the right career if you love helping people with their issues and want to make them feel better on inside. Your career as a counsellor would involve listening to people, encouraging them to discuss their feelings and suggesting them solutions. And, online counselling courses available in Australia at our platform will prepare you for this rewarding and lucrative career.
What to Expect from Working as a Counsellor
A counsellor helps people overcome their problems related to career, relationship, stress, and health and drug addiction. On any given day, you can come across the clients with unique problems. Here is what you can expect from becoming a counsellor.

Developing a respectful and amicable relationship with clients.
Encouraging your clients to discuss their problems easily and openly.
Being compassionate and friendly with them throughout the session.
Being able to understand their problems and listen carefully. 
Being able to see things from a different perspective as you need to help your clients see things clearly in other ways. 
Keeping the records confidential.

 Understanding the Qualities of a Counsellor
A counsellor promotes a feeling of well-being and happiness in their clients by helping them with their problems. To be effective in their roles, they are required to have specific skills and attitude.

You should have great communication skills. Although some of these skills can be refined over the course of your career, you should have a natural ability to listen and be able to clearly explain your thoughts to others. 
Effective counsellors are non-judgemental. They accept all people for who they are and in their existing condition. 
Counsellors are supposed to show empathy. It means that you can feel what your clients are going through. 
Problem-solving skills are equally important for a counsellor. 
They need to bestow their undivided attention to clients and be able to build trust. 

Suggested Online Counselling Courses in Australia to Choose From
There are many TAFE counselling courses online in Australia to choose from. The field of counselling is diverse, meaning that you can work in the areas that appeal you. You can become a mental health counsellor to help people with their stress and depression. You can work to help people being addicted to drug or substance. You can work with kids or teens. Whatever category you choose, the counselling career is often rewarding and good-paying. However, it is important to undergo a counselling course to get equipped with essential skills and knowledge.

· Diploma of Counselling

Diploma of Counselling covers various techniques and skills required to serve the clients efficiently. Some of the important subjects covered by this course are…

Working with diverse people.
Providing loss and grief support.
Selecting and using counselling therapies.
Identifying and responding to emergencies.
Working with people suffering from mental disorders.
Improving own professional practice. 

Upon the completion of the course, you can work as a counsellor or a caseworker.

· Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs

If you want to work with people struggling with drug addiction or substance abuse, the Certificate IV in Alcohol and other drugs online can help you.

Certificate IV in counselling TAFE course helps you prepare for an entry-level role in the alcohol and drug counselling sector, where you will be offering services and assistance for clients struggling with drug and alcohol dependency.

From collaborating with allied health professionals, working with diverse people, and using communication skills to assisting in the rehabilitation, this program covers many essential subjects.

· Certificate IV in Mental Health

With the Certificate IV in Mental Health, you can learn essential skills to provide recovery-oriented mental health services.

This also includes promoting mental health and recovery and offering community-based activities based on mental health, mental illness and some form of psychiatric disability.

This course prepares you for the job roles such as Mental Health Intake Officer, Community Support Worker, and Mental Health Rehabilitation Support Worker.
How Much Does a Counsellor Earn?
Counselling is viewed as a calling, a career that’s meant for those who have a deep affinity for working with people. Others might consider it as a stable career: as long as there are problems, counsellors will be needed.

What about the bottom line? How much you can earn as a counsellor?

According to the Indeed.com, the median annual salary for counsellors is $79,493 in Australia.