Teachers’ Aides support teaching staff by assisting with all non-teaching duties, including discussing the progress of teachers and preparing equipment for various activities.


Do you need a qualification to work as a Teacher’s Aide?

Though a formal qualification is not mandatory to work as a Teachers’ Aide, it’s always useful to have a certificate III or IV in education support.


What does a Teacher’s Aide do?

Teacher’s Aides pay a crucial role in a classroom. They assist in distributing and collecting lesson materials. Besides, they perform various other duties, including making copies, collecting homework, taking attendance, prepare areas for recreational activities.


How much is a Teacher’s Aide salary?

People in this profession earn weekly pay of $1094. When it comes to the growth rate in this profession, it is quite strong. The average age of a Teachers’ Aide is 46, and 90% are females.



The size of people working in this occupation is quite large. Due to high flexibility, Teachers’ Aides work in various regions of Australia.


Thinking about studying or training to become a Teacher’s Aide?

Please find a list of courses that could help you become a Teacher’s Aide:

Certificate III In Education Support CHC30213 By Open Colleges


What skills do you need as a Teacher’s Aide?

Teachers’ Aides support technical staff in helping with instructional and clerical duties. Therefore, it is necessary to have impeccable communication and interpersonal skills. Some key areas of this occupation are psychology, English language, and computer knowledge.



*References made as per joboutlook.gov.au on the 22nd of April 2020.