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Who are Dental Assistants?
As the name suggests, dental assistant assists a dentist at various health facilities and their work varies over a broad range of the spectrum. They are mainly responsible for scheduling appointments, record keeping, taking x – rays and are involved in patient care. Dental assistants may assist dentists during an operative procedure and provide secondary support. This requires the assistant to have basic to advanced knowledge of Odontology and an understanding of dental procedures.

Dental assistants also have a major responsibility of welcoming and greeting the visitors and ensuring that they feel comfortable at the clinic. They are the face of the clinic that visitors come in contact with the very first time they step in or call the healthcare facility. Hence, they are responsible to give a warm welcome to them and make sure all their requests/inquiries are promptly catered to.
Tasks a Dental Assistant Performs
Book appointments, handle paperwork and billing
Ensure patients are comfortable in a dental chair
Sterilize dental tools
Using sprays and suction tools
Prepare and freshen up the area for the checkup
Process X rays and other lab tests as directed by the dentist
Assist patients with billing and payments
Maintain patient and financial records
Skill Set of a Good Dental Assistant
A competent dental assistant must possess certain qualities and may undertake some oral hygienist courses that will further refine their skillset to become a capable dental assistant. Some of these qualities include;
Advanced Interpersonal Skills
Interpersonal skills play a major role in becoming a competent dental assistant. From strong communication to good listening skills and problem-solving abilities, these skills give an edge to dental assistants to perform beyond.  patients’ expectations.  A good dental assistant must know how to handle z patients in extreme pain and discomfort. Their job primarily revolves around making sure the patient feels relaxed and at ease.
Organizational Skills
Organization skills come in handy as dental assistants are supposed to keep the dental workspace clean and organized in a quick time period since patients come and leave the clinic throughout the day. They are supposed to regularly sterilize the dental tools and keep them in place so the dentist can have quick access to them. They must also manage the time adequately to ensure the smooth running of patients visits and processes.

One of the most important intrinsic skills a dental assistant should display is compassion. They are the most important asset of the dentist’s team and they make a huge difference in the way things get done at the clinic. Their genuine care towards patients and attention to their concerns can help build a positive image of the dental care facility.
Is Dental Assisting for You?
If you like improving people’s lives and have a passion to grow in the challenging field of Odontology, working as a dental assistant is a great opportunity to take this passion ahead. As a dental assistant, you will act as a bridge between a patient and the dentist hence, your role will be vital. The oral hygienist courses further enhance this innate ability to offer solutions and help people cope up with their fears of dental procedures. If you have a passion for oral hygiene, and personal care is something that interests you, the dental assistant category is a perfect choice for you.
Dental Assistant Courses
If you want to explore the exciting opportunities that a dental assistant can avail, you can opt for one of the following dental assistant courses to become an accredited dental assistant in Australia,

Certificate III in Dental Assisting
This dental course will help equip you with exceptional knowledge of oral health care procedures. It also enables you to understand the significance of maintaining high standards of infection control. Moreover, after completing the course, you will be competent enough to practice professionalism and maintain high standards of quality in the dental sector.

A popular Certificate III in Dental Assisting course is the one provided by Foundation Education.

Certificate IV in Dental Assisting
This advanced course will enable you to master the knowledge and skillset to provide unconventional chairside support.  This is one of the dental courses which enables you to understand the techniques to provide top-level support to dentists, dental hygienists, and dental therapists. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to choose electives to address specific healthcare facility needs that are aligned with the Dental Acts and Regulations of Australia,

A popular Certificate IV in Dental Assisting course is this one provided by Foundation Education.

So, by now if you are determined to build an exciting career as a dental assistant with countless growth opportunities in and outside Australia, you may want to have a look at our Dental Courses here and start your new journey now