Secure Your Job in Covid-19: Useful Online Courses For Uninterrupted Work

Secure Your Job in Covid-19: Useful Online Courses For Uninterrupted Work

Many employers have asked their employees to work from home due to the alarming rate of COVID-19 cases in Australia. Self-isolation and social distancing are the only ways so far to slow down the virus.

While the concept of work from home or remote working is welcoming, it comes with its own concerns. Many employees are not used to the instructions over the phone or messenger. Top of that, they might not be familiar with online tools that are meant for communication, sharing and assessing. It will make the job stressful and uncomfortable for them.

Why not opt for some online classes to brush up your skills?

These online courses educate you on the remote tools to be associated with general processes like communication, sharing and collaboration. Besides, you get a certification on the completion of these courses, enhancing your career.

Here we have rounded up some online courses to hone your abilities when it comes to working from home or remotely.

Secure Your Job in Covid-19 Online Courses


1. Business Administration Courses:


The world of business presents many career opportunities in various fields.

The need for a candidate with a business qualification is obvious in many organizations, from NPOs, big corporations, government entities to start-ups.

Those who possess a business administration certification, diploma or degree are always preferred. In today’s dynamic economy, business management degrees are required by many corporations and are considered as a keystone to efficiency.

With a business qualification, you will get an edge while applying for any job, compared to those who don’t have a qualification. As an added bonus, professionals with a business qualification may earn more than those with only a high school diploma. Additionally, they have more job security.

Many institutions in Australia provide online business administration courses in various fields, letting you earn a business certification at the comfort of your home.


2.  Online Photography Courses:


Photography is an evergreen career and will always stay in high demand. From media houses, publications and websites to events, visual content is a critical element for most of the industries. Needless to say, photography can be one of the highest-paying businesses. Good thing is that many institutions offer a range of online photography courses. These online photography courses require a lot of time and knowledge to combine, and when executed well, they can be just as beneficial as doing an apprenticeship or opting for photography courses near you.


3. Aged Care Courses:


People are living longer than ever before in the land down under.

However, ageing comes with its own concerns. Older adults are not able to take care of themselves as they age, requiring them to hire an aged care professional. The ageing population in Australia has driven the aged care industry. No wonder why this is counted among one of the rewarding careers in today’s time. There are several online aged care courses that equip you with essential skills to care for the elderly in their homes or assisted living.


4. Community Service Courses


Community service courses are meant for those who are empathetic, compassionate and feel a need to help people lead better life. These courses are generally associated with community development, community sector management, family support, youth work and residential care.

These courses are a great opportunity to turn your noble objective into a meaningful, rewarding career.

Community services jobs have been on the rise since 2005 while 1.6 million new jobs will be created in upcoming years in health agencies, government bodies and community organizations. No wonder why it is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia.

Community service online courses are available as…..

  • Diploma of Youth Work
  • Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Diploma of Community Services
  • Diploma of Youth Work
  • Certificate IV in Youth Work


5. Online Accounting and Finance:


You as a finance worker can also work from home or anywhere, thanks to the range of online accounting tools. However, it requires you to get trained on industry-specific accounting tools such as XERO or MYOB. This is because not all industries use the same accounting software.

Online finance and accounting software courses help you master certain accounting software. Some might even qualify you to assist others through email or phone.


6. Digital Marketing Course:


Social media marketing becomes important for business, regardless of their size and type, to get success amid stiff competition. Every business requires an efficient social media marketer who can boost their sales and leads.

No wonder why this is considered as a rewarding career. This is a purely technology-based and can be done from anywhere. All you need an Internet-enabled PC to get started.

If you are looking to make a career in this filed, there are many online social media courses to choose from in Australia. Once you become an experienced marketer, you have a great opportunity to expand your services to get more clients.


7.  Counselling:


If you are a good listener and help people with their emotional concerns, then becoming a counsellor can be a lucrative career for you. Counsellors provide assistance to people suffering from mental trauma or distress. Counselling is provided to them so that they overcome such issues. By becoming a counsellor, you will gain a particular set of skills. Online counselling courses in Australia will brush up your communication and problem-solving skills. Being excelled in counselling methodologies, you will be able to imply them in real life and be equipped with all the required skills to get a very lucrative job as a counsellor.

So these are some online courses you can apply for today to enhance your skills when working remotely or from home. While all these online courses are useful to find rewarding career or up your skills, make sure to choose the one that goes well with your interests and career preferences.

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