Upskill via our Online Courses amid Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The ever-increasing threat of COVID 19 or coronavirus has prompted a total lockdown across Australia. The number of confirmed cases has gone past 6,000 with over 60 deaths. The nation has 6,400 confirmed cases with 61 deaths due to coronavirus as of April 14, 2020. While the lockdown is important to flatten the curve of the virus, it has led to the shutdown of many services. Education is one of them. Many TAFEs, universities, colleges and other educational institutions have been closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

But this unexpected shutdown has taken a heavy toll on the education of thousands of students in Australia. With the postponement of usual activities, this situation is disrupting the academic life of students.

Online Learning Remains On-going

The shutdown of TAFEs, colleges and universities does not mean the end of the world for students. Enter online learning.

Also known as the virtual classroom or distance learning, online learning is an effective way to study amid this situation, especially when there is a great uncertainty over the reopening of educational institutions due to lockdown.

With online learning, you can connect to your teachers or carry on with your online courses at the comfort of your home. No wonder why many universities in Australia have recommended online courses to the students.

Understanding the Importance of Online Learning in Australia

Many institutions have started embracing online learning, especially when the entire nation is plagued by coronavirus. After all, virtual learning is a form of social distancing to prevent the spreading of virus. However, this is not the only thing that makes online learning useful. Beyond that, distance learning is engaging, fun and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Here are some key benefits of online learning.



When students pursue their courses, they are likely to move to another city, away from their home, friends and family. Some areas lack good institutions, or a required course is not available in the new location. In such cases, online learning helps to blur borders and barriers. They are an efficient solution to the challenges as they make education accessible to people in their own place and schedule.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Generally, online programs are affordable when compared to the ones being provided in-class. The fee of any average college is determined by several factors, from infrastructure costs, reputation and other charges. Online courses, on the other hand, typically charge you only for the fee of faculty.

Career Advancement

Career Advancement

Studying online promotes flexibility and ease of accessibility. You can work and set your work schedule around your course more conveniently. This way, you can do a part time or full time job and complete your course simultaneously. By the time you complete your online course, you will end up with more work experience and learned new skills and qualifications that will come handy in your career.

Ensuring Comfort and Flexibility

Ensuring Comfort and Flexibility

Studying at home is comfortable than long and packed classrooms. You can lay down on your bed or the couch while taking online classes. Moreover, you can save time, money and hassles on commuting from home to college.

Self-Discipline and Responsibility

Self-Discipline and Responsibility

Studying online makes you more self-motivated and teaches you to manage your time efficiently, because you will have to learn without someone physically close to make you focused on deadlines.

Self-Paced Learning

Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning means that you can learn the things according to your learning pace. A self-paced system lets you make progress with rhythm that suits your learning pace.

Broad Choice of course Topics

Broad Choice of course Topics

Many online classes offer a range of subjects to choose from.

How we maximise your online learning experience

So you must have understood the importance of online courses when education is badly disrupted by COVID 19 across the nation. We take pride in the fact that we are helping many students in Australia with range of courses on our marketplace, especially in this emergency.

We are an education marketplace to help students choose desired career choices with our range of courses.

We enable you to enquire about courses from the top TAFEs, Universities and other institutions in Australia. Concerns about whether you require to change your course or study plan can be justified, but we strive to help you find the right course for you by putting you in touch with them.

Classified amongst top online TAFE courses in Australia, we list various online courses in various streams, including Aged care, Beauty, Business Administration, Counselling, Training and Assessment and many more. All you need to do is browse and compare courses based on your requirements.

Technical Features Required

To opt for any listed TAFE course or other academic programs, make sure you have:

  • An active internet connection
  • Compatible browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Or Safari Browser
  • Laptop or Desktop computer
  • Webcam and Microphone (some programs might be live video sessions).


Here we have outlined some commonly asked questions to help you quickly find out information about our online educational programs listed on our website:

Well, it depends on the number of study hours set by the provider. For your convenience, we have stated the time to complete the course.

As we are a marketplace, all we do is put you in touch with the institution. The institution will get in touch with you and advise how to enrol and make payment. Most institutions have many payment options available.

Definitely! Pursuing any online professional development program like a TAFE course will show your employers that you are experienced, skilled, self-motivated and disciplined in the field of your course. It will enhance your resume. It’s important to ensure you are enrolling to the right course for you by talking to your employer, potential employer and institution.

All of the courses listed on our website are online courses, meaning that these can be taught or studied even during the current circumstances. There will be exceptions for this with courses that might require you to do work placement or a practical assessment.

While COVID 19 emergency is less likely to disrupt the process of online courses, all of the institutions we list courses for are extremely professional organisations. They will promptly communicate any changes. Before signing up, it’s important to ensure you have spoken to them about this scenario.

Always follow current government advise. Your institution should have up to date information as well.

When you pursue online courses, you get the same qualification as someone studying in-class for the same course. Online courses let you study from anywhere, anytime. If there is an exception or a difference in qualification, the institution will let you know.

You will need to get in contact with your desired institution and discuss the possibility with them. Some institutions offer these. You can find these listed on our website.


Don’t let coronavirus lockdown disrupt your education. Enquire now about online courses listed on our website that are fetched from top universities and TAFEs in Australia. Just fill in the enquiry form and the institution will get in touch with you. Get started now!