8 Australian Jobs You Don’t Require a Degree

8 Australian Jobs You Don’t Require a Degree

Are you looking for a lucrative job, but don’t want to invest in a university or graduate degree?

Well, you are not alone as many students in Australia are after good jobs without a university degree.

This might be because of the swelling costs of attending university coupled with ever-increasing tuition fees and education loans. The college fees are likely to increase by 7% by 2022 in Australia.

Although a worker with some sort of university degree can earn more on average, there are some relativity high-paying jobs out there for people without a college degree.

Yeah, you have heard it right. Many employment opportunities reward the workers for skills achieved outside the classroom, eliminating the need to invest in years of college studying and thousands in student loans.

The point is here to find these jobs and how to prepare for them.

To help you out, here is a rundown of some Australian jobs that don’t require a college degree.


8 Australian Jobs You Dont Require A Degree


  • Aged Carers:

Aged care is dubbed as one of the rewarding careers in Australia, thanks to the ever-increasing elderly population in the nation. By 2050, the number of people requiring aged care will be doubled. According to PayScale, an aged care worker can earn $43,530 on average per year. The good thing is that profession doesn’t necessarily need a college degree.

Aged carers take care of older adults and help them with daily tasks like household chores, bathing, grooming, dressing, and cooking. You can work at the client’s home, assisted living, nursing home, and senior care communities. Besides, they provide emotional support and companionship and promote community participation.

This is a great field for those who want to make life better for these people or want to make a career in social services.

Courses to Undergo:

How to become an aged care worker?

Well, you need to opt for some aged care courses in Australia known as Certificate III and Certificate IV in aged care. You can pursue these courses online.

The average course duration for Certificate III is up to 7 months while Certificate IV usually takes longer as it covers more unites.

You can work as a freelancer or start your elderly care agency if you want to work independently.

  • Disability Care Workers:

Like aged care, working as a disability care worker is a rewarding and gratifying job. According to one report, there are nearly 20% of Australians who are suffering from a disability, accounting for 3.96 people.

As a disability carer, you take care of people having some form of disability. The level of assistance you’d be providing is determined by the ability and health of the client you’re working with. But broadly speaking, a disability worker provides daily physical, emotional, and personal support to an individual having a disability.

There are many career choices in disability care, from a disability support worker, care assistant, residential care officer, and behavioural support officer to support officer. These jobs are the right fit for the aspirants who want to work in NGOs, disabled people’s organizations and the dedicated healthcare system.

Besides, you can start giving care to people with disabilities as an independent worker.

Courses to Undergo:

There are two disability courses online in Australia to work as a certified disability worker—Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) and Certificate IV in Disability. These courses not only train you on important aspects of this field but also boost your confidence to work in a variety of settings.

The certificate III teaches the basics while the Certificate IV educates on the advanced topics in disability care.

The average course duration for the Certification III in Disability is 26 weeks or around 7 months while the Certification IV consumes more time.

The average disability support worker can earn up to $58,000 per year in Australia. Entry-level positions begin at $44,242 while experienced professionals can earn up to $86,219 per year.

  • Photography:

Becoming a professional photograph is a great opportunity to turn your hobby into a prolific career.

Some of the popular photography niches to choose from are wedding photography, surf photography and portrait photography. It might involve other tasks such as producing preparing photo images, manipulating and outputting photo images and applying special filters.

While creativity is must in this career, you need to deal with new technology and apps, as well as the desire to work independently, or for others, so an engaging and easygoing attitude is important.

According to Payscale, the average salary of a photographer in Australia is $54,373.

To become an efficient photographer, it is important to take challenges, push your creative boundaries and think out of the box.

Although photography doesn’t usually require a college degree, it needs training and specialized knowledge.

Online Photography Courses to Undergo:

There are some online photography courses in Australia to get trained, including Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging and Diploma in Photography and Photo Imaging.

Certificate IV covers various topics, such as colour, lighting, editing, freelancing and many more.

Diploma in Photography and Photo Imaging educates you on camera, lighting, business administration, etc.

  • Business Administration:

A career in business administration lets you choose from a range of job titles, including general and operation managers, sales managers, industrial production managers and management analysts.

Although some employers ask for college degrees for these job roles, you can have a promising career in this field based on your skills and some sort of online courses.

According to Indeed.com, the average business administrator can earn $60,000 annually in Australia.

Online Courses to Undergo:

You don’t need to undergo 3-4 years of a college degree to land a job as a business administration. Luckily, many educational institutions have started offering certificates for this career field through online courses.

Some of them are Certificate IV in Business Administration, Diploma of Business Administration and Certificate III in Accounts Administration. These courses are intended to educate you on advanced admin skills, reporting, organizational skills and many more.

These are online courses and can be completed in the short span that can be generally 7-10 months.

  • Healthcare Services:

Looking for a healthcare job without a degree?

Surprisingly, certain medical jobs might not require a college degree.

This is because they are not that critical compared to the jobs of a surgeon and other medical staff. These jobs generally include technician, medical billing and coding expert, occupation therapy assistant and pharmacy technician.

 Online Courses to Undergo:

While the above-mentioned job roles might not require any college degree, you still need to undergo certain courses to get excelled in required technology and skills.

Some of these courses are Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Community Rehabilitation), Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition And Dietetics) and Certificate IV In Allied Health Assistance (Occupational Therapy).

  • Counselling:

A career in counselling can bring positive change in both the counsellor’s life and in the lives of their clients. You as a counsellor help people overcome their problems associated with relationship, stress, emotional trauma and drug addiction. People often turn to a counsellor for direction, support and guidance when hard time falls upon them. That’s why you should have a strong desire to help people with the concerns of their daily life to become an efficient counsellor.

Counselling is also an attractive career choice for those seeking flexibility as they can schedule their clients around their commitments or work/life balance.

Online Courses to Undergo:

If you decide to become a counsellor and want to consider training for the same, the next step is to assess the available online courses. Many online courses cover topics and skills required to become a counsellor. Some of them are Diploma of Counselling, Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Certificate IV in Mental Health.

  • Child Carers:

Child carers take care of kids with their basic needs such as dressing, feeding and playtime. If you love working with kids and have a fun, enthusiastic attitude, you have a bright opportunity to thrive as child carers. You can work at any childcare centres or start providing services at the client’s home. You can also choose it as a part-time job.

The average salary of a childcarer in Australia is $40,717, according to PayScale.com.

Online Courses to Undergo:

There are many online diploma and certificate courses in childcare to choose from. These include the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

  • Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer:

A fitness instructor or personal trainer helps people reach their fitness goals. Most people look for the guidance of a personal trainer to improve their general fitness, reduce pain and enhance their athletic performance or lose weight. However, this career is the most rewarding and exciting for those who have a keen interest in health and fitness. A fitness instructor can earn $49,000 on an average in Australia. You can work as a gym instructor or provide fitness classes at the client’s home.

Online Courses to Undergo:

The Certificate IV in Fitness and the Certificate III in Fitness are two online courses teach you the nuances, finances, collaboration with healthcare professionals as well as organizational skills associated with this profession.

Bottom Line:

So these are the career choices you can opt for without undergoing any college degree program. Particularly, it will benefit those who can’t afford to pay heavy college fees and students loans. As an added bonus, these are counted among the highest paying jobs in Australia.

While you might not need a college degree to do these jobs, it would be better if you opt for some online certifications. These certificate programs will help you hone your skills so that you can become an efficient candidate to these job fields.