11 Cheapest (and Best) Personal Training courses

11 Cheapest (and Best) Personal Training courses

Are you ready to embark on a lucrative career as a personal trainer? Or maybe you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to advance your knowledge. Whatever your reason or motivation, picking the best personal training course is essential. 

In this article, we will unveil 11 of the cheapest and best personal training courses available. 

We understand how important it is to have affordable options without compromising the quality of your education. 

Whether you’re a beginner entering the field of personal training or a seasoned professional looking to diversify your skill set, this article will give you invaluable insights. 

Let’s dive right in!

1. Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30321)

Certificate III in Fitness offers thorough instruction in a variety of subjects, including pre-exercise evaluation, service orientation, and group exercise session preparation, among others. You’ll learn the abilities you need to succeed in these roles.

If you are passionate about assisting people in achieving their fitness and health goals through well-thought-out group exercise sessions and programs, becoming a Group Exercise Instructor or Group Fitness Instructor with a nationally recognized credential is the best choice for you.

The flexible components of this course provide you with the opportunity to choose between working with a 1-to-1 flexible mentor or picking a mentor of your choice. 

This practical experience is essential for developing your own business abilities.

Visit our Certificate III in Fitness course page to get started!

2. Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40221)

Certificate IV in Fitness can open up a world of lucrative prospects, whether your goal is to start your own personal training business or work in a gym environment. 

This extensive course covers a wide range of topics, such as creating customized training programs for online fitness courses and offering advice on healthy nutrition to individual fitness customers. 

Your knowledge and abilities will be enhanced through the program, enabling you to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

You have three alternatives for the practical course’s flexibility: Training at a campus club, working with a 1-to-1 Flexible Mentor, or choosing a Mentor of Your Choice. 

These practical learning opportunities offer priceless industry insights.

Check our Certificate IV in Fitness course page for more information.

3. Complete Personal Training Course (SIS30321 & SIS40221)

The Complete Personal Training Course is a combined course made up of Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness. This gives you two internationally recognized credentials. 

This extensive program provides you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to excel in the fitness personal trainer business by covering topics including fitness education and individualized exercise teaching.

Both academic and practical components make up the course. There are three options available for practical learning: Campus Club, 1-to-1 Flexible Mentor, or Mentor of Your Choice. You can study the theoretical components at your convenience online. 

You will get significant practical experience and receive two worthwhile credentials by finishing the Complete Personal Training Course.

This will open doors to a variety of jobs in the fitness industry. 

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Other alternatives

Here are other personal training courses to consider:

4. Personal Trainer – Nutrition Specialist

This course combines extensive nutrition knowledge with the skills of a qualified personal trainer, enabling you to offer clients comprehensive guidance on their fitness and dietary journeys.

You will have the expertise and skills necessary to design individualized fitness programs that are suited to each client’s needs while also providing insightful recommendations on nutrition and good eating practices to individual clients. 

5. Personal Trainer – Strength Specialist

If you enjoy inspiring clients to gain muscle and enhance their physical capabilities, taking a course as a personal trainer with a focus on strength training is a great fit. 

In this role, you will work directly with customers to determine their fitness objectives and create workout plans that concentrate on a few key muscle groups while also boosting overall strength. 

6. Complete Personal Training and Business Course

The Complete Personal Training and Business Course is a thorough course that will make you a versatile and all-around fitness practitioner, improving your chances of landing a job in the field. 

This course goes beyond teaching you how to train people one-on-one; instead, it gives you the knowledge and skills you need to flourish as a full fitness instructor and business owner.

You will obtain a thorough understanding of personal training ideas, workout routines, and client assessment procedures from this program. 

7. Master Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist

This program is revolutionary for those who want to become fitness experts. It gives you access to years’ worth of leading-edge expertise in the business, enabling you to further your career and stand out from the crowd. 

With the knowledge you gain from this program, you’ll be able to develop evidence-based programs for fat reduction, strength, and performance. 

8. Group Exercise Leader (GEL)

The Group Exercise Leader certification equips students with the necessary skills to deliver pre-designed group exercise classes. This certification is perfect for those who want to take a path in MetaFit.

FITREC facilitates registration and suggests insurance companies to help teachers deliver MetaFit sessions. 

With this additional chance, instructors can broaden their knowledge and provide a greater selection of exercise programs. 

In the dynamic world of group exercise, earning the Group Exercise Leader certification opens doors to a range of teaching possibilities and professional development. 

It will enable you to express your love of fitness while ensuring pertinent industry organizations acknowledge you.

9. Exercise Rehabilitation Certification

This Career Progress certification is crucial for personal trainers who want to focus on exercise rehabilitation. You’ll gain knowledge about evaluating injuries, prescribing exercises for rehabilitation, and cooperating with medical specialists. 

This training will equip you to assist customers in overcoming their injuries and enhancing their quality of life.

10. Online Personal Training Certification

Online personal training is quite popular today and provides clients with convenience and accessibility on a global scale. The Online Personal Training Certification from Career Progress is specifically designed for fitness professionals looking to excel in the online training realm. 

With the help of this comprehensive program, trainers can provide effective and impactful training sessions remotely.

If you wish to reach people outside your immediate area and grow your clientele, the Online Personal Training Certification is ideal. Whether you’re a personal trainer, fitness coach, or aspiring online trainer, this certification will provide you with the expertise and knowledge you need to thrive in the virtual coaching space. 

11. Certificate III in Sports and Recreation

Start your career with Certificate III in Sports and Recreation if you’re interested in organizing, running, and managing activities related to fitness, workplace health, and sport.

Throughout this certification, you will discover how to collaborate and engage in online personal training courses for your sport or recreation facility using social media platforms.

You can also plan and conduct gym-based exercise programs together, organize calendars, and operate effectively in sports, fitness, and recreation contexts. 

Additionally, you will learn how to run non-instructional sports, fitness, or recreational sessions and manage sports, fitness, and recreation facilities.

Takeaway: Embark on a journey of being a personal trainer by enrolling in the best personal training courses

You can get a top-notch education without breaking the bank if you choose one of the 11 best and cheapest personal training courses we’ve listed above.

Whether you select the Complete Personal Training Course, Certificate III in Fitness, or Certificate IV in Fitness, you’ll acquire crucial skills and credentials to succeed in the field. 

To learn more about the benefits of these courses, check out our article: Personal Training Courses In Australia After COVID

Seize the opportunity and begin your journey toward a rewarding and successful profession as you become a personal trainer today!

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