10 Awesome Jobs For 13 Year Olds To Earn Good Money

10 Awesome Jobs For 13 Year Olds To Earn Good Money

Are you a 13-year-old looking to make some decent cash? Whether you’re after summer jobs for the holidays or something to do after school hours, we know it can be tough to find work in your age group. But we’ve got you! 

In this article we’ve listed 10 awesome jobs you can do as a 13-year-old to earn some extra spending money. 

From local businesses to online jobs and flashy roles in the entertainment industry, there are plenty of options for you to make bank while still sticking to Australian employment age restrictions. Let’s go! 

1. Dog walking

Walking dogs is a great first job for young workers. It can pay pretty well, it’s outdoorsy, and you get to meet lots of adorable dogs while you’re at it! Dog walking can easily be done in the mornings before school, after school, or on weekends. It usually only takes an hour or two of your time, so it’s the perfect job to do around your homework and school commitments. 

To get started as a dog walker, you can ask family friends and neighbours if they have any dogs that need walking. You can also post an ad on your local neighbourhood group or print out flyers to put in mailboxes and community notice boards in your local store. 

2. Yard work

There’s always demand for yard work. Nearly everyone needs to have their gardens maintained but not everyone has the time to do it! Whether it’s lawn mowing, weeding, car washing, or raking leaves, a great way to make some money as a 13-year-old is to offer yard work services. 

You can easily fit a few hours of yard work in on a weekend or after school hours. To get started, you can offer your services to family friends and neighbours or put up a flyer in a community noticeboard. You can also get in touch with local gardeners and professionals to see if they’d like an extra hand with any big tasks they might have coming up! 

If you decide that you love working with gardens, plants, and nature, then you may even decide to enrol in a horticulture course in the future and pursue a full-time job as a horticulturist!

3. Delivering newspapers

If you love being outdoors and keeping fit then delivering newspapers may be the perfect job for you. Start by having a look in the jobs section of your local newspaper to see if they’re in need of a local delivery person. 

You don’t just have to limit yourself to newspapers, either! You can also offer your services to a local family business or restaurants in your area that might need someone to hand out flyers and menus. There are also some companies that offer pay in exchange for handing out brochures and pamphlets. 

If you have amazing time management skills, you might even be able to pair your newspaper delivery route with dog walking… but make sure you have permission from the dog owners, first! 

4. Babysitting

Babysitting is an excellent job for young adults who want to earn money while also potentially training for a future career in child care or nannying.

A babysitting job can last you throughout high school, and afterwards, you might want to enrol in child care courses and pursue a full-time career with children. If you’re interested in travelling, you might even choose to take a gap year to go abroad and enjoy a paid position as an au pair!

If you’re too nervous to look after children on your own, consider looking for ‘parent helper’ jobs. These roles mean a parent is still at home, usually busy doing chores or working while you look after the children. This can give you some confidence before you start taking on babysitting jobs alone. 

5. House cleaning

If you’re confident about your cleaning skills, then making money while cleaning people’s houses may be a great idea for you. This is an easy job to fit in after school or on weekends as it typically only takes an hour or two to help people with cleaning their house. 

Ask around and see if any of your neighbours or family friends need extra help around the house. It could be vacuuming, ironing, washing dishes after a party, cleaning out the garage, or even organising closets! 

6. Being an extra on TV

There are so many job opportunities for young people on TV and in movies, and best of all, there is no minimum age for becoming an extra. People are needed to play characters of all ages! 

Whether it’s TV commercials, movies, or TV shows, you can set up an online profile with an agency or extras website to start searching and applying for roles as a TV extra. 

During school terms, you may only be allowed to work certain hours. School comes first, always! But in the holidays, you can take on as much extra or TV work as you like. And if you’re one of the lucky few, this may be the beginning of an amazing lifetime career! 

7. Find an online job

If you have a useful skill to share, you may be able to find online work that makes use of your talents and lets you build up good work experience for your resume. There are many websites, such as Fiverr, that let you offer your services and talents in exchange for money. 

The best thing about finding an online job for 13-year-olds is that you can easily fit in the work around your school commitments, homework, and extracurricular activities. And if you manage to get paid for doing something you enjoy, then that’s even better!

Here are some ideas for finding an online job as a 13-year-old: 

  • If you’re good at writing, you can write articles for local businesses or the local newspaper. 
  • If you love social media, consider selling old clothes and knick knacks online, starting a YouTube channel, or helping other people out with social media posts. 
  • If you have good artistic skills, you can sell illustrations and artwork.
  • If you love photography, you can sell your photographs as prints. 

If you do choose to pursue an online job, make sure you have permission from your parents. Many online jobs hire websites won’t let minors apply for jobs without their parental permission, so it may be a prerequisite before you start earning money. 

8. Shop assistant

An easy way to make extra money as a teenager is to work in a shop as a retail assistant, stocking shelves, mopping floors, or serving customers. Many shops will employ young adults at minimum wage to provide a helping hand after school or on weekends. 

To find a retail position, consider visiting shops in your local area and asking if they’re looking for extra help. A good place to start is a newsagency, supermarket, bakery, or fruit & veggie store. If you find that you enjoy working in a retail environment, and like being around people, then you might even like to enrol in retail courses in the future. 

9. Pet sitting

Sometimes people go on holidays and need someone to feed their pets while they’re away. That person could be you! 

If you love animals, then pet sitting is the perfect job. You’ll get to meet and take care of different animals. Depending on the job, you might have to feed the pets, clean litter boxes and cages, and even take dogs out for walks. Sometimes, you might also be asked to stay at the owner’s house so they don’t leave their pet alone. 

To get started with pet sitting, you can advertise your services in your neighbourhood and let neighbours and family friends know that you’re available to look after their pets when they’re away. Sometimes people won’t book trips unless they have a pet sitter, so you won’t know of your job opportunities until people know about you!

10. Tutoring

If you’re particularly good at a school subject, whether it’s English or Maths or Science, you might be able to earn money from tutoring other students. You can also find jobs in non-academic tutoring, like coaching sports or teaching music or painting. 

A good way to get started as a tutor is to advertise your services in a local newspaper or community noticeboard. You might even be able to put an ad in your school newsletter. This lets people know that you’re able to tutor in that specific field and if someone is in need of a tutor, they’ll come to you. 

And if you find that you love teaching, then the next logical step might be enrolling in a Training & Assessment course and becoming a full-time instructor!

Finding jobs as a 13-year-old

Just because you’re 13, it doesn’t mean you can’t earn good money doing something you enjoy. There are so many jobs out there that pay well and are perfect for young people who can only work after school and on weekends. 

Our best tips for finding a good job as a 13-year-old is to be optimistic, put yourself out there, and reach out to your network. You never know which of your neighbours and family friends has the perfect job just waiting for you to come along! 


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