An Overview:

Known as the “beef capital of Australia,” Rockhampton offers a unique blend of rich history, stunning natural scenery, and exciting urban experiences that will leave you wanting more.
If you are looking to pursue TAFE courses in Rockhampton, there are many options available, ranging from TAFE institutions to TAFE courses. Let’s get started.

Studying TAFE in Rockhampton

There are a few institutions that offer TAFE courses in Rockhampton. Here are some options:


This is a large public university with a campus in Rockhampton. They offer a wide range of TAFE courses in areas such as business, health, hospitality, information technology, and trades.

TAFE Queensland:

This is the government-owned TAFE provider in Queensland. They have a campus in Rockhampton and offer TAFE courses in areas such as beauty, community services, construction, hospitality, and trades.
It’s best to check each institution’s website for more information on the specific TAFE courses they offer in Rockhampton, as well as the admission requirements, fees, and enrollment dates.

Key TAFE Course Categories in Ringwood

Youth Work
Training & Assessment
Supply Chain Operations
Project Management
Practice Management
Pet Grooming
Mental Health
Life Coaching
Leadership & Management
Human Resources
Health and Medical Administration
Graphic Design
Event Management
Education Support
Digital Marketing
Dental Assisting
Compliance & Risk
Community Services
Child Care
Business Administration
Animal Care
Allied Health
Alcohol & Other Drugs
Aged Care
Administration and Office Support

What are Your Ways to Study TAFE in Ringwood?

Online Learning:

This mode of learning allows students to study from anywhere with an internet connection and at their own pace. It typically involves accessing course materials, watching pre-recorded lectures, completing online assessments, and participating in online discussions with classmates and instructors.

Blended Learning:

Blended learning combines online learning with in-person classes, providing a more flexible approach to learning. With blended learning, you can enjoy the benefits of both online and in-person learning. In-person classes give you the opportunity to interact with your classmates and teachers, while online learning allows you to study at your own pace.

In-person Learning:

In-person learning involves attending classes in person at a TAFE campus in Rockhampton. In-person learning gives you the opportunity to interact with your teachers and classmates in real-time, which can help you to better understand the course material. In-person learning is also a great way to build a network of contacts in your chosen industry.

Government Funding for TAFE in Rockhampton

The government offers several subsidised funding schemes to support eligible Rockhampton residents in pursuing their desired TAFE courses. These include the Certificate 3 Guarantee, free training for apprenticeships, free training for Year 12 graduates, the Higher Level Skills program, JobTrainer, Skills Checkpoint, and User Choice. 
These programs provide various forms of financial assistance and career guidance to help students access free or low-cost training and pursue their desired career paths. 
Make sure to check the availability and conditions associated with these programs in Rockhampton.