An Overview:

Hobart is a vibrant and growing city located in the southernmost state of Australia, Tasmania. With a population of over 230,000, Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania and a major hub for education and business. For students looking to further their education, Hobart offers a range of higher education opportunities, including world-renowned universities and TAFE colleges.

Studying TAFE in Hobart

TasTAFE is a key TAFE institution in Tasmania, renowned for providing a wide range of courses and training programs in various fields such as arts and design, automotive, business, metal trades, hospitality, and engineering. With its campus located in the city, it offers a convenient and accessible learning environment for students looking to further their education. Students can choose from a range of qualifications for students to choose from, including short courses, apprenticeships and traineeships, as well as diplomas and advanced diplomas.
The University of Tasmania is another major TAFE course provider in Hobart. Apart from having its campus at Sandy Bay, the university operates several small dedicated facilities around Hobart. It offers graduate, undergraduate, short courses and postgraduate courses related to the field of aged care, health, agriculture, science, business, education, family, justice, maritime, etc.

Popular TAFE Course Categories in Hobart

Arts and Design
Building & Construction Trades
Business & ICT
Early Childhood, Education & Foundation Skills
Hair & Beauty
Health & Community Services
Metal Trades
Hair & Beauty
Health & Community Services
Metal Trades
Plumbing & Electrical
Primary Industries, Horticulture & Environment
Science & Engineering

What are Your Ways to Study TAFE in Hobart?

In Hobart, there are various options available for individuals who wish to pursue their TAFE (Technical and Further Education) education. These options include:


With online learning, students can access their course materials and lectures via the internet, allowing them to study from any location with an internet connection. Online courses are often more flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.


This combines both online and in-person learning. Students can complete some components of their course online and attend classes or workshops in person.


This involves attending classes and workshops in person, regularly. This allows for more direct interaction with teachers and peers and can be especially helpful for hands-on or practical courses.

Government Funding for TAFE in Hobart

The Tasmanian Government has partnered with the Australian Government to provide tuition-free TAFE courses to the students. One such subsidised TAFE program is Job Trainer, which is a joint undertaking by the State Government of Tasmania and the Federal Government. Or you can opt for Skills Tasmania, a government-run program, to access subsidised qualifications and vocational training in Hobart and other regions in Tasmania. Make sure to check with your provider about the availability of Free TAFE courses.