An Overview:

East Geelong is a suburb of Geelong, located in the state of Victoria, Australia. Known for its spectacular surf beaches and vast bush walks, the city boasts world-class education programs and facilities, parks, restaurants and heritage buildings. As far as the education scenario of East Geelong is concerned, it is an evolving hub in Victoria, especially when it comes to TAFE courses.

Studying TAFE in East Geelong

The Gordon Institute of TAFE is a key provider of TAFE courses in East Geelong along with Werribee and Hoopers Crossing, and Geelong City. Opened in 1887, the institute receives over 13,500 admissions annually and has more than 500 staff members. The Gordon Institute of TAFE is equipped with an auto centre for automotive apprentices work; a construction and safety centre to equip students with real construction spaces; ICT labs for computer training and a vast library. The institute also offers student residences with 50 furnished rooms.
Apart from the Gordon Institute, you can find TAFE courses at Victoria University Polytechnic which is located at a distance of 78 km from East Geelong.
Make sure to visit the websites of these institutions or contact them directly to get more information on the courses they offer and their availability.

Key TAFE Course Categories in East Geelong

Building Design
Building and Construction
Healthcare and Community

What are Your Ways to Study TAFE in East Geelong?

Blended Learning: 

Blended learning is a combination of in-person and online learning. In this study option, students attend some classes on campus and complete some coursework online. 

Online Courses: 

Online courses are delivered entirely over the internet, providing flexibility for students who cannot attend classes on campus. 

In-Class Learning: 

In-class learning involves attending classes on campus. It is the traditional form of education where students interact with their peers and teachers and provides a structured learning environment.

Government Funding for TAFE in East Geelong

If you’re a resident of Geelong, there are several government funding schemes available to help you gain the skills you need to secure a job or advance your career. These schemes are designed to reduce the cost of education and increase job opportunities, particularly for those who may face financial barriers to training.
One such scheme is Free TAFE, an initiative that provides free training in selected courses. Free TAFE offers a range of qualifications in industries such as health, construction, and technology, giving you the skills you need to succeed in these in-demand fields.
Another option is JobTrainer VIC, which is a joint undertaking by the Australian and state government of Victoria. This scheme allows residents to enrol in free or low-cost training, whether they’re school leavers, apprentices, trainees, or workers looking to upskill.
If you’re an older worker looking to transition to a new career path or stay in your current role, Skills Checkpoint is a program that offers career guidance and training options. This scheme is designed for people aged over 45, and it can help you identify new opportunities to develop your skills and stay competitive in the workforce.
Finally, Skills First is a subsidy scheme that allows eligible VIC students to enrol in subsidised qualifications from Certificate I through to an Advanced Diploma. This scheme aims to make education more accessible for everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.