An Overview:

Canberra truly has the essence of a capital city, boasting low unemployment rates, a friendly community, vibrant culture and lifestyle, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. It also offers a plethora of education and training opportunities to students, especially when it comes to TAFE.

Studying TAFE in Canberra

Canberra Institute of Technology or CIT is the largest provider of vocational education and training in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) region. CIT offers a wide range of TAFE courses across various fields such as business, IT, hospitality, trades, health, and community services.
The institute also offers apprenticeships and traineeships, as well as flexible learning options such as online and evening classes. With campuses located in the bustling suburbs of Bruce, Reid, and Fyshwick, as well as two learning centres in Tuggeranong Town Centre and Gungahlin, CIT provides a convenient and accessible learning environment for all students.
For those who require more flexibility in their studies, CIT’s learning centres are tailored to meet the needs of students studying via flexible or distance learning. CIT’s extensive range of courses spans a broad range of disciplines, including business, hospitality, trades, healthcare, and creative industries.

Popular TAFE Course Categories in Canberra

Business and Management
Hospitality and Tourism
Information Technology
Health and Community Services

What are Your Ways to Study TAFE in Canberra?

TAFE courses in Canberra provide a range of flexible study options to accommodate the diverse needs of students. Whether you prefer online, in-class, or blended study, there are options available to help you achieve your educational goals.


The online study involves completing the course entirely online, using digital resources such as videos, discussion forums, and online assessments. This mode of study is suitable for students who require flexibility in their study schedule or are unable to attend classes in person.


The blended study is a combination of online and in-class study. This mode of study offers the best of both worlds, as students can attend classes on campus while also having access to online resources and materials. The blended study provides flexibility in scheduling, while also providing opportunities for interaction and collaboration with peers and instructors.


In-class study requires students to attend face-to-face classes on campus, where they can interact with their peers and instructors. This mode of study is ideal for students who prefer a structured and interactive learning environment.

Government Funding for TAFE in Canberra

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government provides subsidies or funding for TAFE courses offered by the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) to eligible students through the ACT Skilled Capital program.
Skilled Capital aims to improve the skills of the ACT workforce through vocational education and training. It provides eligible students with access to subsidised training in selected certificate III to Advanced Diploma qualifications, including apprenticeships and traineeships.
There is also support offered through Fee-Free TAFE at CIT to provide tuition-free courses and training to eligible students living in Canberra. However, while the courses are free, students are still required to pay for any learning resources such as books or tools associated with the course.
Moreover, students can also benefit from financial assistance offered through student loan programs such as VET FEE-HELP. This program allows eligible students to save on their education until they have completed their studies and are earning an income above a certain threshold.