An Overview:

TAFE courses in Burleigh are designed to build your skills, knowledge and career prospects. Thanks to the practical training and hands-on experience being delivered in a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Studying TAFE in Burleigh

TAFE Queensland is the provider of TAFE courses in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. They offer a range of vocational education and training programs in various fields such as business, creative industries, hospitality, information technology, trades and construction, health and community services.

What are Your Ways to Study TAFE in Burleigh?

There is a range of TAFE study options in Burleigh which is often categorised into…

Online Learning:

Online learning is ideal for administration courses. They are often recommended for people who own and run small businesses. Online learning method also suits students pursuing a Graduate Diploma or other advanced level courses. Online learning is available at almost every organisation along with student support services.

In-Class Learning:

In-class learning suits hands-on courses, apprenticeships and traineeships.

Blended Learning:

Blending learning refers to a style of education in which students are taught via electronic and online media as well as in a traditional classroom setting.

Why Study TAFE in Burleigh

TAFE in Burleigh is an excellent choice for students seeking industry-relevant, affordable, and flexible education. If you’re considering studying at TAFE in Burleigh, here are some compelling reasons why it’s a great choice:

Industry-Relevant Courses:

TAFE courses are designed to equip you with practical and relevant skills for the workplace. The courses are structured to meet industry standards, and students receive hands-on training from experienced professionals in their respective fields. TAFE also offers a wide range of courses, including certificate and diploma programs that cater to various industries, such as hospitality, business, health, and trades.

Affordable Education:

Compared to other higher education providers, TAFE courses are much more affordable. Students have access to government-subsidized training, making education more accessible to a broader range of individuals.

Flexibility and Convenience:

TAFE programs offer flexible study options, such as part-time and online learning, which allows students to balance their studies with work and other commitments.

Strong Industry Connections:

TAFE has a vast network of industry connections and partnerships. This allows students to gain practical work experience through work placement opportunities and develop valuable industry connections, which can lead to future employment opportunities.

Pathway to Further Education:

TAFE courses provide a pathway for students to continue their education through higher-level courses, such as university degrees. Students can choose to study their diploma or certificate courses at TAFE and then transition to university if they wish to further their education.

Government Funding for TAFE in Burleigh

The Queensland government funds several short courses and extended qualifications in Burleigh and other regions in Queensland. However, these subsidies vary based on the level of qualification and region. Some government-funded courses are Community Services, IT, Aged Care and Child Care, and Beauty and Hairdressing Services.
Subsidised courses are designed to provide students with a skill set to help them improve their skills. Moreover, these courses meet the skills shortages in the Greater Queensland areas.