What to expect when you start working as a Medical Receptionist?

What to expect when you start working as a Medical Receptionist?

Who is a Medical Receptionist?


Medical receptionists are professionals who are responsible for looking at administrative and coordination tasks within a healthcare setting. Medical receptionists work at numerous healthcare facilities including clinics, hospitals, or laboratories They are the first individual a patient or their caregiver comes in contact with for various reasons including, scheduling appointments, billing and charges inquiries, or general queries. Medical receptionists have a thorough understanding and knowledge of various healthcare procedures and are well versed with medical terminologies to assist the patients. They serve as a bridge between the patients, healthcare providers, and infrastructure of their healthcare setting and ensure seamless execution at every step.


What tasks does a Medical Receptionist have to perform?


A major part of medical receptionist responsibility includes interacting with the visitors of the medical care facility and creating a warm environment for them so they feel welcome and well taken care of. Medical receptionists have the responsibility to perform a multitude of tasks diligently to ensure the smooth running of the health care facility. These tasks may include;


  • Scheduling and confirming patient appointments
  • Greeting patients and their attendants as they reach the healthcare facility and answering their queries.
  • Calming the patients in case of any stress or ambiguities
  • Answering phone calls and emails and directing them to the designated staff
  • Maintaining medical records and correspondence files
  • Running office equipment and software to prepare paperwork such as reports, bills, or financial statements


Significance of a Medical Receptionist


A medical receptionist is the face of the healthcare facility that makes the first impression on the patients. Receptionists help form an image in the mind of the clients, and with their welcoming and ‘willing to go an extra mile attitude, clients develop a favorable image of the healthcare facility right in the beginning.


The importance of a capable medical receptionist cannot be emphasized enough as their smooth running of the processes helps the doctors and nurses to solely focus on treating people without worrying about the back-end processes.

They are the individuals who form a liaison between various departments of the healthcare facility. Unlike other staff members, they communicate at various levels and get involved in numerous departments for meeting clients or organizational needs.



Why is this job so Rewarding?


  • Competitive Salary Packages


The medical receptionist field is gratifying in terms of the salary packages it has to offer. From entry to the higher levels, medical receptionists earn competitive packages throughout Australia as well as globally and as their demand continues to grow, the room for pay scale grows as well. Find more information on salary and job outlooks here.


  • Serves Challenging Goals


The job description of the medical receptionist warrants a challenging role. Their day-to-day tasks of meeting new individuals, solving their queries, liaising between various departments, and record-keeping duties make it challenging yet worthwhile. Not to forget, creating a warm environment out of an intimidating environment for distressed clients is demanding but rewarding.


  • Exhilarating Experience


The pulse of the healthcare facility, a medical receptionist gets to control and direct the flow of traffic in the facility. There’s so much to work on within the reception room that it is bound to make you excited and thrilled. And the satisfaction of performing the duties diligently gives the best feeling ever.



Medical Receptionist Courses


To kickstart your career as a Medical Receptionist, you can undertake Medical receptionist courses like Certificate III in Business – Medical Administration. The course will provide you with the desired skill set to become a medical receptionist and equip you with the basic knowledge to perform your duties as a competent medical receptionist. The course not only helps in building communication and problem resolution skills but, also helps in developing the technical skills needed for the job.


So, if you are ready to start a challenging yet exciting career with abundant growth opportunities in and outside Australia, explore our Medical Receptionist Course today to start your new career path.