Many students in Queensland look for vocational or hands-on courses to improve their job prospectus.

No wonder why they opt for TAFE courses. TAFE courses allow them to learn the practical aspects associated with their career field. For example, a TAFE course in beauty and cosmetic equips them with practical skills associated with makeup and hairdressing. As an added bonus, they have a flexible schedule and can be completed within the year.

A Little Bit about TAFE in QUEENSLAND

TAFE Queensland is the regulatory body for TAFE technical and further education training in Queensland.

Created in 1882, TAFE Queensland trains over 120,000 students each year on both national and state level, making it one of the largest educational organizations in Australia. It provides over 500 practical from entry-level qualifications to bachelor programs.

TAFE Queensland was officially founded by the TAFE Queensland ACT 2013. This legislation mentions the objectives and functions related to the governance of TAFE Queensland.

 General TAFE Qualifications Available in Queensland

 There are many TAFE qualifications in Queensland to choose from. Some of them are…

 Certificate I:

It is a basic qualification which can be used for basic work or further learning.

Certificate II:

It is an advanced level of qualification to help students learn skills and knowledge.

Certificate III:

Certificate III can help you learn and hone skills for a particular career, by imparting job-specific skills. This qualification is meant to help you progress from an entry-level role and get started on your career.

Certificate IV:

The certificate IV in TAFE is designed to address the existing and future learning requirements in the chosen career.


TAFE diploma lets you learn the advanced skills in your chosen career field.

Advanced Diploma:

The purpose of an advanced diploma is to equip the students with specialized knowledge in a range of contexts to opt for advanced skills or paraprofessional work.

Understanding the Benefits of TAFE Courses in Queensland

TAFE focuses mainly on equipping students with practical skills, thereby producing graduates with lots of hands-on experience and better career prospectus. Based on this, here are some key benefits of opting for TAFE courses:

 Being Closer to Industry:

 TAFE aims to equip students with the practical skill that industries and employers look for. TAFE gets into the touch with specific industries while creating courses and employs faculty with a sound experience.

Imparting Practical Skills:

This is the key objective that drives TAFE. In a nutshell, TAFE is all about making you learn practical skills so that you can have a better opportunity to find a job. Or you can say that TAFE aims to hone your job-ready skills.

Ensuring Flexibility:

Another positive of TAFE courses is that they can be pursued alongside your job, education and other commitments. Generally, students can complete them in a part-time or full-time schedule. They are suitable for candidates looking to enhance their skills amidst their busy life. As an added bonus, TAFE courses can be pursued online.

University Pathways:

When you pursue a TAFE course, you get access to several entryways to boost your career prospects. Many TAFE institutes have partnered with universities to allow their students to use their certificate or other TAFE qualifications to purse bachelor programs over there.

Short Time Span:

Unlike the typical college course, TAFE qualifications can be completed anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. This way, it saves you a lot of time as well as helps you learn key industrial skills.


You don’t need to break your bank to pursue TAFE courses. They are significantly affordable than most college or universities courses. For instance, an average TAFE course costs you anywhere from $5k to $30k while the same university course charges $20k to 45k.

Career Choices:

There are a lot of career choices in TAFE.

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