An Overview of TAFE in Melbourne

Melbourne is a world-class education hub for both national and international students. One of the key reasons contributing to its popularity as an education destination is TAFE qualification.

Like other parts in Australia, Melbourne is a popular TAFE hotspot providing career-oriented training and skills to thousands of students each year. However, the city is also known for the home of RTOs courses which look quite similar to TAFE. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between TAFE and RTOs. Both TAFE and RTO are regulated by Vocational Education and Training, bringing them under the control of Australia Skills Quality Authority.

The only difference is that TAFE colleges are funded, operated and owned by the Australian government. RTO are private institutions offering nationally accredited qualifications. However, both TAFE and RTOs are nationally recognized.

Eminent TAFE Institutions in Melbourne:

  • The Gordon Institute of TAFE, TAFE VICBox Hill Institute, TAFE VIC
  • Melbourne Polytechnic, TAFE VIC
  • William Angliss Institute, TAFE VIC
  • Holmesglen Institute, TAFE VIC
  • Chisolm Institute, TAFE VIC
  • Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
  • FedUni TAFE VIC
  • TAFE Gippsland 
  • RMIT University, TAFE
  • Swinburne Online
  • Victoria University (VU)

Available TAFE Courses in Melbourne

  • Aged Care
  • Disability
  • Pathology
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Education Support
  • Information Technology-Networking
  • Training and Assessment
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Hospitality
  • Nursing
  • Business Administration

How TAFE Courses in Melbourne Can Benefit You

University Pathways:

When you opt for TAFE Melbourne, you get access to multiple pathways to boost your career prospects. Some TAFE courses have teamed up with Australia’s most renowned universities to offer world-class qualifications in a functional, job-focused training environment. Besides, these courses have credit arrangements with a range of institutions and universities throughout Australia.

Providing Employment Opportunities:

TAFE is all about learning practical skills associated with a certain career, thereby improving your job opportunities.

Ensuring Flexibility:

Did you know? The beauty of TAFE courses is that they can be pursued alongside your job, education and other commitments. Generally, students can complete them in a part-time or full-time schedule. They are suitable for candidates looking to enhance their skills amidst their busy life. As an added bonus, TAFE courses can be pursued online.

Cost Efficient:

TAFE courses are affordable than their university or college counterparts. For example, it takes you to spend nearly $20k to $40k for one course that can be done with the cost worth $5k-30k with TAFE. This way, it leads to huge savings.

Time Efficient:

TAFE qualifications are time efficient as they can be completed anywhere from 6 months to 2 years compared to university courses taking 3 years minimum. A great way to learn important career skills in a short span!

Wide Career Choices:

TAFE provides you with a wide range of career options, including cosmetics, aged care, child care, business management, trade, community services and more. This means that you can easily get a qualification in your desired career field.

General TAFE Qualifications Available in Melbourne

Here are some general qualifications associated with TAFE courses in Melbourne.

Certificate I:

Certificate-I aims to help candidates get qualified with based knowledge and skills to take on work, further courses and community involvement.

Certificate II:

Certificate II is designed to help the students learn knowledge and skills in an advanced environment.

Certificate III:

The key objective of this level of qualification is to help you get qualified for skilled work and execute a wide range of skills and knowledge. This level also lays the foundation for further learning associated with Certificate IV or Diploma.

Certificate IV:

The Certificate IV is designed to equip the students with an advanced level of knowledge and skills than all of the certifications.


TAFE diploma aims to teach the complicated and technical skills to help you move ahead with your career in the chosen field.

Advanced Diploma:

This qualification is designed to equip the students with broad knowledge and skills required for skilled work or further learning.